Target Market for Craft Breweries

Beer commercials usually focus on sexy women, sports and partying. Of course, this in no accident. 75% of the total volume of beer is consumed by men. Beverage Media Group’s data shows that 80% of craft beer (by volume) is consumed by Caucasian drinkers, primarily between ages 21 and 44.

To get the most bang for your marketing dollar, you’ll need to reach this target demographic. Event sponsorship, tastings at local brew pubs and bars, beer – food pairing events, and social media are effective ways to spend your marketing budget to reach 21-44 year old white males. You should also consider virtual tastings and participating in craft brew festivals to get a growing following of your brand.

Brewmasters can create special blends bearing names that honor music lyrics, artists, celebrities or sports figures. Craft breweries are generally a labor of love. Can you combine brewing with another interest? This will be another great way to find a niche following with your target 21-44 year old white males.