Restaurants, Bars & Retail Liquor Licenses

You need an attorney familiar with the regulatory environment and business practices in the NY hospitality industry. Our experience in this area is very broad, so we can swiftly address any of your needs.

We can help you…

  • Review a potential transaction, identify potential pitfalls, and mitigate your risks.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate agreements.
  • Obtain permits and licenses necessary to operate your business.
  • Comply with the law and avoid violations.
  • Respond if you receive a violation notice.
  • Maximize the return on your investment when you are ready to expand or sell.

Business Formation

By understanding your current and long-term goals, we can counsel you through the formation and organization of starting your very own business.

Liquor Licenses

Preparation is the key to running a successful business. We work with restaurateurs, winery and bar owners across New York to address their highly specialized needs.

Name Clearance

Our comprehensive services include a name clearance search to ensure that the trade name and the money you invest in promoting and developing it is a good investment.


We can assess the needs of your business and both prepare and process all the applications necessary to ensure that you are operating legally.

Trademark, Copright, & Patent

Owning a business provides many opportunities for innovation and creativity. Our team of attorneys has years of experience protecting our clients’ intellectual property.

Buy/Sell Business

Evaluating potential tax and liability consequences can be overwhelming. Let us guide you through the entire process as your business and legal advisors.

Attorney Certification

The State Liquor Authority review process can take up to six months. In some cases, including attorney certification with your application can reduce the wait to as little as three weeks.

Private Financing

We can help balance the risks between investors, lenders and business owners in transactions where financing is private rather than through traditional bank loans. We ensure everyone is protected.

State Liquor Authority Proceedings

Alcohol Beverage Law can be difficult to understand and navigate. Our knowledge of New York liquor law can assist you in dealing with the SLA proceedings that threaten your business.