Trademark & Branding

Our highly-skilled, industry-specific team will provide guidance on not only names and logos, but the full brand image of the business and its portfolio of products with protection for beverage labels, product packaging, novel bottle designs, and trade dress. This team also guides other businesses on trademark registration, clearance, maintenance and enforcement issues.

We can help you…

  • Acquire trademarks around the world.
  • Protect your brand.
  • Expand your market outside the U.S. or into the U.S. from abroad.
  • Avoid potential infringement litigation.
  • Determine if a competitor is infringing on your intellectual property rights.
  • Expand protection globally through foreign filing.
  • Enter the U.S. market, for clients with a PCT or Madrid Protocol application that want to enter the national stage in the U.S.

Trademark Clearance Search

Have you come up with a great idea for a name of a business, logo or slogan that you want to use in commerce? Before investing, check the availability of the mark and the ability to freely use the packaging design.

US/Foreign/Madrid Trademark Applications

Our team is quite adept at preparing applications according to USPTO, foreign and Madrid Protocol specifications.


How do you know if your intellectual property rights are being infringed upon? Our competent team can assess the merits of your legal position and enforce or defend your rights.

Copyright Registration

Our knowledge of copyright law helps guide you through the copyright process and can connect you to reputable local self-publishing companies to help you edit, publish and market your work.

Trade Secrets

Our firm can review your company’s policies and practices with respect to protecting proprietary information.

Trademark, Copyright, & Patent

Owning a business provides many opportunities for innovation and creativity. Our team of attorneys has years of experience protecting our clients’ intellectual property.

Map of Craft Beverage Clients

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