Cannabis Practice Areas

You’ve got a lot on the line. One mistake in the licensing process, the structuring of a business model and business entity, or contract relationships with suppliers and customers – could immediately put a cannabis and/or hemp entrepreneur out of business.

The expertise and experience of the Jong Patent Firm Cannabis and Hemp Legal Advisory Team can help you sleep at night and make you and your investors feel comfortable about their decision and excited about the potential return on investment. With years of experience working with alcohol and food producers, we understand the regulatory challenges of doing business in the cannabis and hemp industry, and can help our clients navigate the landscape with laws that seem to change every few months. We will work with the new cannabis regulatory agency (“the Czar”) in the State of New York to get your business up and running. Bottom line, we can help you understand and mitigate the risks associated with this new and often controversial industry.

The development of an emerging industry like hemp and cannabis comes with a lot of grey areas, vague, and often contradicting legalities from various agencies and levels of government. Jong Patent Firm’s in-depth cannabis and hemp industry knowledge, government regulation and permitting, and business growth strategies, combined with our comprehensive business experience, makes us a valuable partner for cannabis and hemp entrepreneurial success. We can serve as your part time “in house” counsel for your cannabusiness needs and guide you through the confusion.

We can help you with…

  • Developing a legally compliant business plan
  • Marijuana business regulations
  • Regulatory and compliance training
  • Corporate formation
  • Business and corporate law
  • Patents, trademarks & trade secrets
  • Licensing
    • Dispensary licenses
    • Grower and cultivation licenses
    • Processor licenses
    • Marijuana-infused product manufacturing licenses
    • Industrial hemp licensing
  • Real estate
  • Contracts
  • Transactions including: leases, real estate purchases, investments, and business purchase agreements
  • Product packaging
  • Representation at licensing hearings
  • Defense of administrative actions, including citations and notices of revocation
  • Optimizing Business Model and Organizational Structure
  • Planning and Compliance with FDA and Labeling Regulations
  • Intellectual property and Brand Protection
  • Structuring Critical Contracts and Relationships
  • Delivering Strategic Business Support