Bring Reality TV Experience to your Restaurant

Looking to bring some publicity and introduce some creative menu offerings? The popular Food Network show “Chopped” gives contestants a basket of “secret” ingredients to prepare a gourmet dish on-the-spot. Millions tune in to watch. Local food manufacturer LiDestri foods has a current promotion running for a recipe using one of its spirits. The finalists will prepare the recipe at New York Culinary Center kitchens in Canandaigua for the judges.

What about a contest where the chefs/cooks and the public compete to create a recipe your restaurant can offer for a limited time promotion? If you own a bar, amateur mixologists could compete to create a new cocktail.

You can specify a key ingredient to be used in the recipe. You can use a co-marketing approach if you specify a local artisan craft beer, wine or cheese as the required ingredient. You could even use the event as a fundraiser for a local charity, or offer the event during a local festival.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be limited to print media or social media. Anything that can create a buzz will get the word out about your business. Co-promoting with a food or beverage manufacturer or a local charity can increase the media and public interest in the event, giving you a lot of mileage for your investment.