Restaurant Marketing to the Millennial Customer

If you are not targeting Millennials, you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. The Millennials (also known as Generation Y and includes those born between the last 1970s and the early 2000s) are a diverse, forward-thinking and tech-savvy age group. Millennials are used to rapid change and socializing. Millennials have an optimistic outlook and affinity for music and pop culture. Attracting this demographic involved creating opportunities to keep them entertained while staying true to their core values. The best marketing approaches involve an element of surprise, stories that can be identified with, and an association with pop culture icons.

Surveying articles on strategies for marketing to this demographic, I uncovered the following useful tips:

  • Social media marketing for smartphones is a must, and must include the menu.
  • They like communal seating with easy access to Wi-Fi to constantly keep connected.
  • They don’t buy based on quality. They want a great price and great value for their product.
  • They love late-night offerings; consider staying open later to cater to this late-night crowd.
  • They like small plates and limited time offering promotions.
  • Millennials are attracted to brands that support causes they care about.
  • Price is more important than quality when purchasing beer, wine and cocktails on-premise.
  • Online reviews on YELP are key to attracting first timers.