Opening a Farm Cidery in New York?

Did you know that Tracy Jong Law Firm experts can process your filing to safeguard complete compliance with all licensing authorities? We can fill out your licensing and permit application forms, cut checks for applicable fees, submit required documents to the licensing authorities on your behalf, and ensure that licenses are approved. Licenses and permits will be sent directly to you. You have the option to request filing services for all applications or only for the applications which you have not filed yet.

Opening a Farm Cidery in New York State can be a little daunting without the help of an experienced professional. There are many licenses that need to be submitted and it can become confusing to anyone doing this for the first time. There are federal, State and local laws that affect cidery businesses. Tracy Jong Law Firm has years of experience with the Liquor Laws and keep up to date on the new rules, regulations and procedures. Here is a list of licenses and permits that need to be completed before a Farm Cidery can open its doors in New York:

1. TTB: Bonded Winery Basic Permit (federal).

2. Food/Beverage License: DHHS/FDA Food Facility Registration Form (3537) (federal).

3. Alcohol License: (TTB Form 5630.5d) Application for Alcohol Dealer registration (federal).

4. Withholding Tax Registration: Employer Registration for Unemployment Insurance Withholding and Wage Reporting (federal).

5. Alcohol License: Application for Alcoholic Beverage Manufacture/Wholesaler License (NY State).

6. Alcohol License: Bond in Support of Application for license or permit under the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

7. Food Establishment Permit: Food Processing Establishment License Application (NY State).

8. TTB: Owner/Officer Registration (federal).

9. Local Zoning and Special Use Permits.

10. EIN (Employer Identification Number) (federal).

11. Assumed Name (dba) filing (state).

12. TP-325 Registration as a Distributor of Alcoholic Beverages.

13. MT-38 Application for Annual Filing Status.

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