New Chain Mexican Restaurant Opens In Rochester Area, Showing Strength Of Rochester Market For Casual Restaurants

Mesa Grande Taqueria opened at the Perinton Square Mall offering an alternative to Chipotle by offering Mexican inspired freshly prepared entrees.

“Rochester is a thriving city with tremendous potential, and we’re excited about the opportunity to bring something new and fresh to the neighborhood,” said Jim Daddabbo, owner of the local franchise location.

The establishment is socially responsible, appealing to the millennial crowd. The chain brings an eco-friendly focus with containers that are certified compostable and a USDA-certified bio-based product. The tables and chairs are crafted from reclaimed barn wood the restaurant uses LED lighting. Single-use beverage bottles are replaced with a state-of-the-art water filtration system.

The chain focuses on 3 key messages: Fresh food, social responsibility, and casual, reasonably priced quality food. These are the keys for success in the current market. Independent restaurants should study this model for ideas on how to boost revenues and market share.