Anheuser-Busch partnering with Smirnoff and Barcardi for new malt beverages!

Anheuser-Busch will join Smirnoff and Bacardi by launching Bud Light Mixx Tail, a cocktail flavored malt beverage. These “Mixx Tails” will expand its Lime-A-Rita line of beer alternatives. These higher alcohol (8%) sweeter drinks appeal to Millennials and younger drinkers who don’t favor beer.Flavors will include Long Island (inspired by Long Island Iced Tea) and Firewalker (inspired by Fireball Whiskey).

There is some concern in the marketplace that these sweeter drinks are being consumed by younger drinkers and can add to the underage drinking epidemic. Anheuser-Busch responds to the concern that it has adult packaging and branding and it will not market to the younger crowd.

These products are good for grocery and pharmacy beer and wine product licensees since they add to the variety of products they can sell with their off-premises license. I hope they inspire some of our local craft brewers to experiment with non-beer malt beverages to expand their own beverage portfolios.