Get Recognized for Supporting New York Wineries

New York Wine Spotting is a social media promotional effort that rates local restaurants on the portion of their wine list that features New York wines.  Michael Warren Thomas is radio host of “Savor Life” and has started the New York Wine Spotting project.  His goal is to see area restaurants have at least one-third of their wine list feature New York wines.

This is a fantastic campaign to help our local wineries and restaurants.  He encourages restaurant visitors to report back on wine lists using #flxwinespotting and #flxwinespot.  If your own bar or restaurant has a substantial New York wine list, make it known!  If you are a small winery looking to get into some restaurants, this can be a great way to open a conversation.  You know how to get their ratings to increase on Wine Spotter – by adding a few of your wines, of course!