As of July 2012, the ePCT application of WIPO provides secure online access to PCT application files. (It is the equivalent of the USPTO public and private PAIR). You can set up customized notifications (e-mail warnings) and e-file documents (except new PCT applications – it is not yet possible to file new international application, but WIPO has plans to make this option available in the future). It also allows for free searches of many national patent databases with cross-lingual translation searches (machine translations by Google translations). You can save search results and searches you want to frequently update. This saves time for repeatedly run search strings.

There are two types of online services with the ePCT system: public and private. The public service requires a standard WIPO user account, but does not allow access to confidential documents or data. The private service provides access to international applications filed on or after January 1, 2009 that are owned or managed by the ePCT user. To create a private account, you need to be able to upload a digital certificate to your WIPO account.

To access ePCT, go to https://pct.wipo.int/LoginForms/epct.jsp and create or login to your account.