Bob Brown’s “Permission Concept”

Bob Brown’s golden rule: avoid yes-no questions. One way to do this is to describe a variety of menu offerings. This works especially well for after dinner drinks and desserts. Describe desserts, after dinner cocktails and dessert specialty coffees together. Describe appetizers, soups and salads together. Why? If one person orders one item, it gives others at the table the idea to also order an item. For example:

If John orders a dessert, Mary feels like she has permission to order a cappuccino.

If John orders soup, Mary feels like she has permission to order a salad or appetizer.

The trick is to suggest particular menu items from different menu sections. Describe each offering in mouth-watering detail. Remember, the majority of customers will order what you suggest. It is a good idea to suggest items at different price points. This will increase your sales.