Bob Brown Advice: Avoid these 5 things to get the best tips

Every Manager in hospitality, and every server, should buy and read Bob Brown’s books. In an effort to entice you to buy the books, I am sharing a few of the great lessons you’ll learn. These are just teasers – don’t miss out on the full experience. (No, I do not get any commission or benefit from recommending his books. I just want my clients to succeed.)

1.     Disappearing after the food is served

2.     Not refilling beverages throughout the meal

3.     Leaving the table cluttered

4.     Delays in preparing the bill when guest is ready to leave

5.     Forgetting who ordered which dish

Do you have any top ‘no-no’s’ to add to the list? Share your insight. I am interested in the thoughts of both those who work in the industry and those who eat out frequently.