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Two major changes to the TTB’s Permits Online filing system

I’d like to share some great news about the TTB’s Permits Online filing system. This month the latest system upgrades are being introduced.

I am particularly excited about two major changes. The first is that those permit holders who originally paper filed their permits with the TTB can now use the faster and more efficient online filing system. Up until now, if you paper filed to begin with, you could not use the e-filing system for changes and upgrades. Being able to do so is so much more efficient, and your applications will be processed faster. Win-win.

The second is that you will now be able to file multiple amendments at the same time rather than be forced to a series of separate amendments. Right now one amendment must be processed before the next can be filed. So the process is file amendment 1 to update your address. Wait until it is done then file amendment 2 to update the owners. Then wait until it is done and file amendment 3 to add new space and equipment. The entire process could be 6-8 months. I have one just like this at the moment. 3 separate filings really drags out the process and runs up the cost for the client. Now we don’t have to do that anymore. Awesome, huh?

Merry Christmas from the TTB. Best present ever.