Tips for designing the perfect beer glass to serve your craft beer

Brewers can spend years perfecting a beer, but when it comes to showcasing their craft, beer needs to have the right serving vessel for the full experience to be appreciated. The serving vessel’s aim is to better convey the complexity of craft brews—and keep them cold and foamy longer. Innovative beer glass manufacturers have introduced products with specific features for specific beer varieties. If your want to commission the design of the perfect vessel for your craft brew, here are some tips and strategies you can implement.

IPAs need to be fizzy for the best taste experience. Bubbles form at nucleation sites, such as imperfections in glass. A ribbed base will boosts surface area and, with it, potential sites, so bubbles can form over the life of the pour.

A curved bowl directs hops’ aroma—which accounts for up to 75 percent of beer’s taste—into your nostrils. Beer lands on the middle of the tongue, so it hits more taste buds.

An angled base is best for stout by reviving the fizz created in the initial pour. When beer pours over the edge of the bowl and into the base, turbulence froths nitrogen into stout’s signature head.

Warm beer traps less carbon dioxide than cold beer does, so tepid brews can lose their fizz faster. The more quartz there is in a glass, the thinner it can be and the colder the beer will be over time.