The ABCs of PCTs

ARIPO African Regional   Industrial Property Organization
DO Designated Office   under the PCT (Chapter I)
EAPO Eurasian Patent Office
EO Elected Office under   the PCT (Chapter II)
EPO European Patent Office
IB International Bureau   (of the World Intellectual Property Organization)
IPE International   Preliminary Examination
IPEA International   Preliminary Examination Authority
IPER International   Preliminary Examination Report (pre-1/1/2004 applications)
IPRP (Chapter I) International Preliminary   Report on Patentability (Chapter I of the PCT)
IPRP (Chapter II) International Preliminary Report on Patentability (Chapter II of the PCT)
ISA International   Searching Authority
ISR International Search   Report
PCT Patent Cooperative   Treaty
PPH Patent Prosecution   Highway
OAPI Organization Africaine   de la Propriete Intellectuelle (African Intellectual Property Organization)
RO Receiving Office
SIS Supplementary   International Search
SISA Supplementary   International Searching Authority
SIS Report (SISR) Supplementary   International Search Report
WIPO World Intellectual   Property Organization
WOISA Written Opinion of the   International Searching Authority
WTO World Trade   Organization