Ten Reasons Not to Hire a Licensed Patent Professional to File your Patent Application

Here are the top 10 reasons business owners have for not hiring an attorney to assist in obtaining a patent for an invention.

10.       “We have unlimited time to worry about everything, so we should do it all ourselves.”

 9.        “I can go to one of those online providers and get someone cheaper.  He’s done this   before.  He probably knows what he’s doing even though he’s not licensed to do this sort of thing.”

 8.        “There’s NO WAY that someone could steal my invention.”

7.        “We’re experienced inventors.  We’ve obtained patents many times before.  The   changes in the laws, procedures and forms won’t matter.  It won’t matter if it takes us a   few extra months or years to get our patent.”

6.        “I have enough cash, it won’t matter if there is a mistake in the application and I can’t enforce it.”

5.        “Outsourcing it to India or China is fine.  I’ll get the same quality.”

4.        “My mom was right; I am the smartest person in the world.”

3.        “This case is simple.  There is nothing unique about our invention, our business, or us.       Our product is just like all the others out there.”

2.        “The patent is just for show.  We don’t actually need patent protection.”

And the number 1 reason you are confident you don’t need an attorney:

1.        “Hey, it’s just my money at stake.  I have an unlimited supply.”