Taking Customer Service to a New Level

Do you have days when you feel flustered? You just can’t perform your best when your mind is swirling around so many thoughts and worries. Many customers walk through our doors with just that feeling. When this happens, we have an opportunity to deliver excellent service that will stand out from our competitors. Let’s look at how can we capitalize on this “probortunity.”

Listen politely (and with a genuine smile) to the customer’s concerns and needs.

When you identify the customer’s problem or special request, take ownership of it. Do what you can to help resolve the situation or satisfy the request. Don’t push the issue off to another staff member; stay involved and show the client you are invested in helping them.

Sometimes you have to take the bullet for something our team did that was less than the standard we strive to deliver. Try to understand the customer’s frustration. Apologize and ask what you can do to address the situation. Keep your emotions out of the equation and remember, it is not about you. It is about a situation and what you can do to help resolve it. Don’t consider it a burden. Treat is an opportunity to show your exemplary service.

Try to always say “yes,” “certainly” “absolutely” or “this is what I can do for you.” “No” should not be in your vocabulary.

Act quickly. Actions come first and speak loudest. Minimize time spent discussing the problem, negotiating, debating, and explaining; try to solve the problem before the end of their explanation leaves the customer’s lips.