Police siren lights blaring

The State Liquor Authority suspends licenses of 3 Rochester area retailers

Sexual assault inside the bar on Christmas Day by owner Robert W Champlin lead to a suspended liquor license for Lloyds Limited Pub at 3 Main Street in Penn Yan. The assaults, and underage drinking, were captured on video. According to police accounts, both victims were unconscious and incapacitated at the time of their individual assaults, The SLA has charged Lloyds Limited Pub with four violations of the ABC Law, including sale to minor, improper conduct, disorderly premises, and for failure to exercise adequate supervision.

The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) summarily suspended the license of Father Son Wine & Spirits and Joeys Mini Mart for underage sales. Both retailers, father and son, are located in the same building at 1735 Scottsville Road in Rochester. Students interviewed by authorities revealed that it was common knowledge on campus that both stores would make the illegal sales if the students furnished their R.I.T. College Student ID cards when asked for identification.

The SLA has made it known that they have stepped up enforcement against licensees. In egregious cases, the license will be summarily suspended with little hope of avoiding cancellation. These businesses will be in jeopardy of losing the business, their entire business investment and means of earning a living. Violating state liquor laws is bad business.

These are serious situations. If you find yourself the subject of liquor law violations, contact our office for professional guidance.