Southern Tier Towns want to Secede from New York

The news is publicizing the efforts of some Southern Tier border towns considering seceding from New York to join Pennsylvania where fracking is legal. I applaud this movement. As the media reports, these towns acknowledge their efforts may not be successful, but they are starting a public conversation. These Southern Tier communities are facing economic challenges that fracking could solve for them. The science about the long term environmental impact of fracking is inconclusive. (I admit, I am not well read on the science, only the propaganda). The interests of the Finger Lakes, New York City and the Southern Tier do not align on this issue. That is okay in my book. We are a big state. Everyone is doing what they think is best, they just don’t agree on what that is. This is what the political process is about and an example of it at its best work. I applaud the guts it took to raise the secession issue. I am okay if these towns secede because they need fracking.

The Finger Lakes agriculture wineries may need to protect the land that fosters their products and their livelihood. The Southern Tier agricultural community may feel fracking is safe and a necessary way to supplement farming income to make it a viable business with a living wage. It is okay to disagree. Really.