Seven Employment Tips for Craft Beverage Producers

1. Use employee handbooks. They will be critical in establishing “at will” status and defenses to claims of employees for wrongful termination. Handbook provisions must haves:

  • EEO/Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment
  • Disability Accommodations
  • FMLA (50+ employees / 75 mile radius)
  • Military Leave
  • Payroll Practices
  • Confidential Info and Non-disclosure
  • Workplace Violence/Weapons
  • Vacation – use it or lose it…?
  • Email, Internet, and Electronics Usage
  • Social Security Number Privacy Policy
  • Code of Conduct / Disciplinary Procedures
  • Drug / Alcohol Policy
  • Acknowledge Form (to be signed)
  • Many More…

2. Be sure to learn about wage and hours laws for your state and how they apply to your employees.

3. Do not put people in jobs where they cannot meet the physical demands of the job (lifting, carrying, bending).

4. Prohibit alcoholic beverage consumption while on the job.

5. Limit alcoholic beverage consumption on the premises after the workday to one drink per hour to avoid liability for intoxication. Require employees to change clothes when off the clock so customers and visitors don’t think employees are drinking on the job.

6. Limit access of employees to the company’s social media sites. The Company is responsible for what employees say and must ensure compliance with FAA and TTB regulations on advertising with respect to employee statements.

7. Avoid volunteers. If you pay in trade for product, you are subject to and probably violating labor laws. Interns may subject you to labor law problems and issues with employee insurances (Worker’s Comp and Disability).