Saving Money on your Restaurant or Bar’s IT

With POS systems dominating sales and inventory record management, computers are a significant part of a restaurant or bar budget.  With social media, this may be your marketing department as well.  Hardware is generally upgraded on a three year cycle.  The expense of an upgrade is a serious dent in cash flow but the tax deduction generally must be amortized over several years.

New services from IT providers can help you spread out your costs and lower your taxes.  HaaS (Hardware as a Service) allows you to pay as you go.  One hundred percent (100%) of your IT costs are tax deductible and you no longer have large hardware and software upgrade investments.  HaaS providers typically offer flat fee packages that include hardware, security, back-up and installation.  Many also include internet connection and SaaS (Software as a Service) where software applications are also provided for a monthly flat fee.  Other benefits of this business model are that services are included.  No more warranty claims or bills for service calls.  You can budget a single monthly cost without worrying about breakdown or glitches that result in unexpected bills.

Going to the cloud can make technology convenient and affordable.  It is worth exploring HaaS and SaaS services before your next hardware or software upgrade.  If you are a new business, this is the way to go.