Restaurant and Bar Trends for 2014

Trend prediction can mean the success of your food and beverage establishment.  Being a trend setter can buy a lot of social media credibility and business.  So what do the industry insiders think will be the trends for 2014?

  •  Tea cocktails (cocktails and beer cocktails will be out).
  •  Ice cream sandwiches (cupcakes and donuts will be out).
  • Biscuits (croissants and pretzel buns will be out).
  • Exotic proteins like catfish, pork belly and goat (chicken is out).
  • Cobb salads (Caesar salad is out).
  • Comfort food
  • Nontraditional chips (made from ingredients other than potato or corn)
  • Sea to table, especially uncommon seafoods
  • Infused ice
  • Wine by the ounce
  • Artisanal spirits
  • Dessert cocktails with food-drink combinations
  • Spanish wines
  • New York (local) wines
  • Niche ethnic food
  • Brasserie style eateries
  • Tableside service and presentation of food and beverages
  • Higher-end Asian restaurants
  • Live art at the eatery

Do you have any predictions for 2014 food and beverage trends?  We’d love to hear from you.