Personal Questionnaires are No Longer Required by the Liquor Authority for All Managers but Management Plans are Required.

The Liquor Authority has been overhauling its licensing procedures.  One change is to relieve the automatic requirement for personal questionnaires for managers.  This is good news for many, especially since new licensees often apply for a liquor license before they have hired their staff for the newly launched establishment.  It is also frustrating to chase down employees for the completed questionnaire and supporting documents (passport photo, photo ID, proof of citizenship and certificates of disposition/certificates of relief of disabilities for criminal histories.  As can be easily imagined, employees are reluctant to reveal adverse personal details to their new employer.

Despite the fact that they are no longer required, the Liquor Authority can exercise its discretionary authority to request a manager’s personal questionnaire  in any individual case.

It is still a good idea to submit the manager’s personal questionnaire whenever possible.  The Licensing Board considers the experience of the management team when evaluating a retail license application.  Management plans are now required.  The Examiner can gain better insight into the proposed operational plan when the background and experience of the manager is available for review.  Additionally, the law still requires the licensee to be aware of statutory barriers to employment of its managers and other employees.  The signed personal questionnaire offers a convenient way to solicit the necessary disclosure from the employees.