Off-site catering with a Caterer’s Permit

Do you have a liquor license for your restaurant but want to cater an event off-site? A Caterer’s Permit is issued to the holder of an on-premises liquor license or (catering establishment licensed to cater a specific function, occasion or event not open to the general public) and taking place at a location other than the licensed premises. Permits are issued for one event only. This permit must be on display at the function.

The licensee applying for the caterer’s permit is required to furnish the provisions (food) at the event as well as the alcoholic beverages and the service of alcoholic beverages is to be incidental to the service of food. It may be possible for a caterer to subcontract the food portion in limited circumstances as long as it is a single contract between the liquor license holder and the customer. However, since the license holder is in the food business, this is rarely advantageous.

A separate permit is required for each point of sale and for each consecutive date of the event. A point of sale is any bar, table, counter, cooler, or other place. where alcoholic beverages will be sold or given away.

No alcoholic beverages may be sold, served or consumed in any outdoor area where bingo is played. Beer may be sold, served or consumed in rooms or areas in which authorized games of chance are held; however, you must have the appropriate permits issued by the NYS Racing & Wagering Board.

In order for the agency to thoroughly review and process the applications filed, they must be received by the NYS Liquor Authority no less than 15 days prior to the function. An application received beyond the required time frame may be disapproved. The Authority may send permit applications to the local law enforcement agency where the event is to be held 3 business days in advance of the event to allow the police agency an opportunity to comment on the application.