Notice to Communities on Renewal Applications

All on-premises licensees for full liquor (bars, taverns, restaurants, clubs, etc.) must, 30 days before submitting a new application to the State Liquor Authority (SLA), notify their municipality of their intent to obtain their license. If you are applying for beer and wine only, you do not need to give 30 day notice.

Proper and timely notification to local governments and community boards is an essential part of the State Liquor Authority’s licensing process. In order to attain a comprehensive representation of an establishment’s operations, the SLA relies on participation from local governments. The SLA places substantial weight on these recommendations, as well as that of local law enforcement and members of the community during the renewal process. Providing notification 30 days prior to filing the renewal application gives local governments the necessary time to comment during the decision process. This participation is important in helping the SLA to protect the public from licensees who do not run their establishment responsibly.

Applications received by the SLA without proper proof of notice to municipalities must be disapproved. Acceptable proof consists of:

  • A copy of the notice sent to the municipality and either the original or a copy of the certified mail receipt card; or
  • The original or a copy of the notice sent to the municipality, date stamped and signed by the municipality showing receipt.

Some municipalities will waive the 30 day waiting period with a letter allowing the applicant to proceed sooner with the application process. The City of Rochester generally will not give a waiver absent exigent circumstances or hardship.  Our experience is that smaller Town governments are more likely to give waivers than lager municipal entities like Cities.