The Navajo Indian Nation has trademarked the term NAVAJO. In fact, they appear to have at least 100 pending or issued trademark applications for various uses of the word “Navajo” alone and in combination with other words such as “gaming”, “casino” and “crafts”.

Urban Outfitters sold clothing, jewelry and other goods with the Navajo name, leading to a cease and desist letter, and eventually full infringement litigation, by the Navajo Indian Nation. The Indian theme is popular in outdoor and sporting goods apparel. However, a quick search of the federal trademark register would have revealed the troubled waters Urban Outfitters was entering. The cost of defending the cease and desist letter, and negative publicity attention could have been easily avoided with a brand name clearance search probably costing less than $1,000. This case is one more example of how failing to clear your brand names before use can have expensive consequences in money, reputation, and good will.

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