My Secret Inner Circle

Wanna hear a secret? I work with business coaches to continue my professional development and help me take my business to the next level. Why? I learned the greatest business leaders and athletes have personal mentors and trainers. They openly talk about how coaching is the path to success. I am a solopreneur Big issues, small staff. Groups like TAB and Vistage  allow me to have a Board of Directors made of successful business owners to provide advice, insight, and a sounding board for my business challenges.

Who is in my inner circle?

Julie Steron; CEO, Zweigles                                 

Jason Nelson: CEO, Weldrite       weldrite
Chris Caschette: President, Genesee Global    Group
 Genesee Global Group Inc 

Ira Knickerbocker: President, Victor Insulators 
Victor Insulators
Arnie Roberti, President, Adrian Jules Clothiers   Adrian Jules
Kimberlie Barrett: Magellan Inc. Real Estate and Relocation                              Magellan Inc 

Robert Scott: Bob Scott Productions Marketing Firm 
bob scott
Bruce Ha: Stamper Technology Inc. and Nanorosetta    stamper technology
Matt Nicodemous: High Performance Heating Cooling & Hydronics  high performance heating and cooling
Ronald Schutt. Sr., Print Roc   print roc
Linda Murphy, Vistage            vistage
David Levesque, TAB


I encourage you to look into these professional business coaching. We invest in our employees but rarely remember to invest in ourselves as business leaders.



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