Municipal notification changes

In recent months, the SLA has made significant changes to the municipal notification requirements. The notification is the 30-day notice given to the municipality where the premises is located. The SLA has a specific form that must be used to make the notification. Once the notification is submitted, the applicant must wait thirty days before filing the application with the SLA. A copy of the notice must be included with the application, along with proof of mailing.

All original on-premises applications are required to submit a municipal notification. Applicants outside of New York City are no longer required to submit the 30-day notice for alteration or renewal applications.

For premises located in New York City, applicants submitting alteration or renewal applications are still required to fulfill the 30-day notice requirement. Also, substantial corporate change applications, where there is a change in ownership of 80% or more, require municipality notification. However, the old requirement that off-premises licensees filing an alteration application need to submit a 30-day notice is no longer required.

With any 30-day notice requirement, there is an option to get a waiver from the municipality. The waiver would be a letter on municipality letterhead waiving the 30-day notice requirement. The municipality is not required to grant the waiver, so it is not advisable to rely on this option when trying to calculate the time it would take to receive your license.