Meet Bartendro, the Robot Bartender

Punch your favorite drink into the iPad interface and Bartendro will mix it up for you. Microcontroller-based liquid dispensing is possible with the Raspberry Pi processor and peristaltic pumps equivalent to those used in medical apparatuses. Food-safe, non-yellowing tubes deliver sanitary beverage servings with precision. For bars looking to use the high-tech robot, there are discounts for early backers. Will you jump on the bandwagon at a bargain price? Full retail prices will be:

  • Single liquor shot bot $299
  • 3 liquor version $699
  • 7 liquor version $1,499
  • 15 liquor version $2,999

The Party Robotics Team has the hardware and software available on Github, encouraging others to develop add-on features to the open source software code, such as a shaker module or breathalyzer.

NY ABC law §106 (2) (b) allows dispensing machines for on-premises retailers as long as the dispenser has a capacity of at least one gallon and continually mixes the drinks. This machine does not store the alcohol or mixer in mixed form, so these machines do not appear to violate any provisions of New York Alcohol Beverage Control Law.