Living Quarter Letters

Where an application or license investigation discloses living quarters directly connected to the premises to be licensed, the living quarters are not to be considered part of the licensed premises.  The applicant shall be required, in his liquor license application, to limit specifically the licensed premises, by written description or diagram, so as to distinguish the living quarters from the licensed premises.  An approved applicant should then be issued a Living Quarters Letter.

The Liquor Authority’s Living Quarters letter places no restrictions on the alcoholic beverages which may be kept in the living quarters for personal consumption.  However, the letter does state that the licensee cannot store any alcoholic beverages in the living quarters which have been purchased for use in the licensed premises, and that the living quarters should not be used to circumvent the provisions and intent of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

No disciplinary proceedings should be instituted merely for the possession of alcoholic beverages in the living quarters for personal consumption.  Under no circumstances should the Authority attempt to assert the right to inspect any living quarters as a matter of right.

SOURCE:  Divisional Order #227; December 2, 1981