Legal Bootlegging in New York

Dutch’s Spirits will move its farm distillery to a Prohibition Era Bootlegger site in Pine Plains, NY. Dutch’s Spirits currently produces peach brandy, cocktail bitters and sugar wash moonshine. At the new farm, it will add bourbon and malt whiskey to its portfolio. The farm will grow much of the grain used to produce the distilled spirits (corn, barley, rye and wheat).

The Prohibition Era distillery had a series of underground tunnels and bunkers beneath the farm land that will be restored for use in the alcohol manufacturing process. The distillery will also house a museum honoring the local lore of the farm’s history in bootlegging and its colorful characters such as Dutch Schultz, the “mastermind” of the bootlegging operation.

Another reason to love this industry, the great stories behind these businesses. Thinking of opening a distillery? I can’t wait to hear your story and be a part of your history as you launch your business.