Latest Revisions to Liquor Store Applications

The Authority has revised the Liquor Store and Wine Store application to assist applicants in providing more complete and accurate information and complying with all mandatory requirements. The primary changes include: a revision to the application checklist to verify compliance with ABC Law 100(7); a revision to the application to include the business website address; a new question verifying whether or not there is a transfer of an existing licensed business; an enhanced Financial Disclosure form which now completes calculations automatically; a new question regarding whether or not the store has a “bullet-proof configuration” within the Establishment Questionnaire; and a better description and instruction for the Area Map with an example of an appropriate Area Map for reference. The entire application has been revised to allow only one response to all “yes/no” questions in order to reduce errors.

If you have any questions about your liquor license application, consult with your legal advisor to identify and understand any potential pitfalls and compliance issues.