If You Feature Craft Beers, Your Bar’s New Social Media Target: Millennial Female Demographic

Women are increasingly choosing craft beers when they go out.  One reason may be that craft beer marketing doesn’t typically depict sexy women in bikinis, making it more approachable to the female demographic.  There are increasingly more women brewery owners, also bringing loyal female followers.

The millennials, or Generation Y (born around 1977 – 2000), are experimental and adventuresome spirits, the most likely demographic to try new flavors and products.  That translates to a target female demographic of ages 21 – 37.  Your social media marketing efforts should be aimed at this customer base.

To have the biggest impact, you’ll want to include menu items targeted to this demographic as well.  To capitalize on the trend, add some menu items cooked with the unique flavors of some of your craft brews.  Start simple – try beer bread for some of your sandwiches or Panini’s.  Serve it with soup or chili.  Pizza, flatbread and meat marinade are other easy ways to incorporate craft beer into your food offerings.

Non-meat food items are increasing in popularity for both meat eating and vegetarian patrons.  Adding lighter non-meat appetizers will also attract this health conscious target group of young female customers with active lifestyles.  Need some ideas?

  • Hummus and tapenade platter
  • Cheese and olive platter
  • Upscale French fries (ad fresh new flavor profiles such as rosemary, garlic and flavored oils)
  • Upscale salsa and guacamole with tortilla chips
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Flatbread pizza

Bottoms up!