Genius Idea to Get Employees to Clean Enthusiastically

Let’s face it – unless you’re hiring ambitious germaphobes, it’s tough to find employees who want to clean your restaurant to the pristine standard you would like to set. Cleanliness is crucial to successful restaurant operations – both in terms of aesthetics for patrons, and complying with health code regulations. Nonetheless, most employees are not motivated to clean to the white glove standard

A veteran restaurateur offered the best tip I’ve heard in years for restaurant operators. His solution was to hide one dollar bills in odd places under tables, behind items on shelves, or in remote corners. If the staff was cleaning to the highest standards, they would uncover the hidden treasures. It became a bit of a game amongst the staff because no one knew when and where the dollars would be hidden. The anticipation made even the most mundane tasks a bit exciting. Genius, huh?

Do you have any other creative ideas you’ve successfully used to motivate your staff?