Fifty shades of a business relationship

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to see what everyone was talking about: who was Christian Grey? What draws everyone to Fifty Shades?

Rich, powerful and traumatized by his early years, Christian once led a fairly reclusive life until he finds a soul connection with Anna. Irreverent Anna makes me silently applaud as she stands up to Christian’s overbearing demand for control and gains his love and respect along the way. Exposing the raw emotions of the characters brought me through an introspective of my own passions and relationships. I admired how each character was willing to go outside his/her comfort zone for the other but neither tried to really change the other. They accepted one another’s flaws and tried to bring out the best in the other. This is what we all are taught is key to a lasting relationship.

While the issues in the Fifty Shades series are dealt with primarily on a personal level, I contend that these same lessons can be learned in the business world. Issues of trust and control, communication and clearly outlining expectation and boundaries are critical elements of the employer –employee relationship. As a business owner or manager, acknowledging your flaws and taking strides to overcome them, as well as surrounding yourself with people who will help you succeed are all keys to excellent leadership. I’m all for learning these lessons in a book that captures your attention, is easy to read and inspire some rather interesting table conversation.