Citizenship Requirements for SLA Annual Permits

New York Alcohol and Beverage Control law prohibits the traffic in alcoholic beverages to all except citizens of the United States or a reciprocal treaty country. This restriction applies only to those annual permits which authorize traffic in alcoholic beverages. The SLA differentiates between those classes of annual permits which authorize “traffic in” alcoholic beverages and those which do not authorize such traffic. (Divisional Order # 362, December 1, 1953)

The following annual permits authorize traffic in alcoholic beverages and citizenship of U.S. or a reciprocal treaty country is required:

  1. Drug Store (Sect. 95)                                          Class 644
  2. Alcohol Distributor Class A (Sect. 92A)          Class 633
  3. Alcohol Distributor Class D (sect. 92A)          Class 636
  4. All classes of annual permits which are auxiliary to licenses and issued only to licensees, e.g. HOP permits, Credit permits, and Retail Beer Permits (Brewers and Wholesalers).

The following annual permits do not authorize traffic in alcoholic beverages and therefore citizenship is not a requirement:

  1. Solicitor’s (sect .93)                                       Class 641
  2. Industrial Alcohol                                          Class 630
  3. Industrial Alcohol Manufacturers              Class 631
  4. Alcohol                                                             Class 632
  5. Alcohol Distributor Class B                         Class 634
  6. Alcohol Distributor Class C                         Class 635
  7. Broker’s                                                           Class 642
  8. Trucking                                                          Class 643
  9. Warehouse                                                      Class 645
  10. Bottlers                                                            Class 646
  11. Steamship or Aircraft                                   Class 637 and 638
  12. Manufactures non-beverage                       Class 639
  13. Hospital                                                           Class 640
  14. Negotiator                                                       Class 647

If you have questions about whether you qualify, you can contact the SLA call center or work with an experienced liquor license attorney.