Changes at the state and federal alcoholic beverage agencies you should know about

There have been some recent changes for licensing and permitting at the State Liquor Authority (SLA) and TTB. One drawback of the government is that changes are made without notice to the public. If you don’t actively work in this field, it can be difficult to know about changes. I wanted to share some changes in late June and July that impact businesses applying for licenses and permits at the state and federal level.

The SLA has introduced several new applications that are specific to different license types. Sometimes the “one size fits all forms” can be confusing because the questions don’t always seem to apply. These new applications should make it easier when applying to make changes or relocate businesses with liquor licenses. Here are links to some of the new applications.

Alteration Applications
Applications and Instructions for Petition for Removal (Change Locations)

The SLA has also gone to using the NY State Business Express Wizard in its licensing process. This is now required but is intended to simplify the process for applicants by identifying the correct applications needed for the desired business operation. The Wizard asks a series of questions to create a custom cover sheet and select the needed applications. The applications, once completed, are filed by mail with the SLA. Here are links to the Wizards in case you want to check them out.

The On Premises, Off Premises, Manufacturer and Wholesale/Importer License applications are now available online through New York Business Express.

Visit the On Premises Application Wizard
Visit the Off Premises Application Wizard
Visit the Manufacturer Application Wizard
Visit the Wholesale Application Wizard

On-Premises Application and Instructions

Liquor Store and Wine Store Application and Instructions

Grocery Store and Drug Store Beer and Wine Product Application and Instructions

In a similar fashion, the federal TTB is upgrading its online permitting process and overhauling its online application website. The TTB online system will be closed for a full week while the improvements are made. When it re-opens, there will a new online experience for users. The biggest improvement is that applications that were originally filed in paper can now be accessed and amended via the online system. That is a tremendous step forward for long-standing businesses that did not use the newer online filing system when they filed their original application.

The Tracy Jong Law Firm team can help your business obtain a permit for the production or sale of alcoholic beverages with the SLA and TTB by working with you to accurately complete your license application in a timely manner. We have significant experience working with small companies, as well as state and federal alcohol beverage agencies. For more information about our services, and how we can assist your company, please contact us at