Bob Brown’s Successful Selling Techniques for Waiters and Waitresses The “Ooh and Aah” Technique

The “Ooh and Aah” Technique is another method of suggestive selling. The goal is to induce impulse buying by the guest. Here are some ways this technique works:

  • Describe dishes with words that bring the flavors to life. Each description should sound like it comes from a food professional. Brush up on your culinary vocabulary by reading and watching food media.
  • Carry food at waist level as you walk through the dining room. Stop at newly seated tables that haven’t ordered and show them the dishes, especially your featured or signature items.
  • Escort your guests to displays in the restaurant that allow you to point out your fabulous desserts, extensive wine collection or fresh lobster tank. Walk kids to an open kitchen display to watch the action.
  • Desserts are best sold tableside. Bring a tray of your most popular desserts and most will be unable to resist.

Bring a taste of a signature item, draft beer, or bottle of wine, especially if the guest is trying to decide between two choices.