Bar Owners: Give your Food Menu a Second Look

Bar food is often an oversight.  Food is generally not the primary focus of a bar or club business operation that makes its living on the sale of beer and cocktails.  Bar food offerings are often the bare minimum required to sell liquor comprising no more than the usual snack and burger offerings.

Let me change your mind and convince you that food is a strategic part of your bar’s business plan.  Every time food is ordered, a customer stays 52 minutes longer and orders at least one more drink.  Two opportunities to profit – on the food and on the beverage.  That is a powerful way to impact your bottom line.

Think about a real food program with trendy and affordable offerings.  Include items that can be easily shared and don’t require eating utensils.  Be sure your bartenders push the food sales and can make good recommendations for inquiring customers.  (This is best accomplished by having the staff taste each food and listen to the chef describe how it is made).