Attract the Neighborhood Business Crowd

Looking to do something different in 2014 to boost business?  Here are some ideas.

Connect with your local business community and let them connect with one another.  Provide an intimate, relaxed space for your loyal neighborhood clientele.  Focus on the highest quality of food, make service more stellar than it has ever been and create events that lend themselves to local business and the interests of your customers.  Use loyalty card programs to reward your regulars and keep them coming back.

Host networking events where local business owners and professionals can meet and interact.  Sponsor cross-promotions with other businesses in the neighborhood or offer discounts to employees of the local businesses.  Make these colleagues VIP customers and find ways to support their businesses.  Strengthening the local economy benefits everyone.

Offer dessert and a drink to customers of another local business.  Feature a neighborhood bakery or specialty shop item on your menu.  Organize a neighborhood “open house” or “walk about” to invite new customers to explore what the neighborhood has to offer.

Serve more than one audience.  Find a way to serve twenty and thirty-somethings as well as your more mature crowd.  You can’t be all things to everyone, but you can broaden your niche a bit to appeal to a wider client base.