Affordable New York Wines

At a New York Restaurant Association fundraiser, I discovered a tasting table for Bellangelo and FLX wines by Bellangelo. These are quality New York table wine products. I am a red wine lover and Finger Lakes wineries primarily excel at German white wine viniferas and ice wines. There are some great red wine blends being produced, but they generally come at a higher price point than California red wines. Enter the Bellangelo reds. They are comparable to California reds in quality and price in the under $20 range.

The show-stopper, however, was the FLX table red and white wines with their pleasing taste and compelling price. Their Restaurant Wine Program offers a way to offer Finger Lakes wines at a price that has excellent ROI. Their program description explains their philosophy:

“Inspired by the classic European model of local wineries providing red & white table wines to local restaurants for sale by the glass or carafe, or included as part of a fixed price menu, Bellangelo is pleased to announce our new Restaurant Wine Program.

The Program allows restaurants to offer quality LOCAL house wine by the glass at an amazing price with a great rate of return for the restaurant. This is accomplished in two ways:

1. Reduce waste from opened bottles by selling the wine in 3L Astropaq pouches, and

2. Provide extremely competitive case pricing for BOTH the white and red blend.

One glass of our “local white,” with a control of approximately 19 “by the glass” servings per pouch, will yield a per glass cost to the restaurant of around $1.05 per serving. The cost of an entire 3 Liter pouch is recouped after only 4 pours! And you never have wasted or stale, days old wine! Plus, the [FLX wine] is served from a locally handcrafted pine box.”

I encourage you to contact the winery to learn more at or call (607) 243-8602.