6 Tips to Make More Money with Premium Spirits

Top shelf or premium brand spirits earn you more money.  But how do you get customers to order these premium spirits? Here are six tips to make more money with premium spirits:

  1. Locate your premium spirits at eye level in brightly lit displays that draw attention.
  2. Use merchandise to further draw attention to your premium brands (glassware, display cases, coasters, table tents, etc.)
  3. Launch promotions that feature your best-selling premium brands.
  4. Work with brand ambassadors to educate your servers and waitstaff on the spirit, drink recipes, pairings and techniques for upselling.
  5. Work with your distributors and brand ambassadors to be the local launch point into your market for new beverage products – be the first to have the latest trends on your menu.
  6. Educate your servers and bartenders on suggestive selling techniques.

Implementing these techniques will increase your bottom line 10-50%.